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Volta Wireless Announces the Launch of Volta Complete Privacy

Now anyone can stop Big Tech from tracking their every move


Tallahassee, FL – Today Volta Wireless, a leading provider of privacy software, announced the launch of Volta Complete Privacy, a unique set of mobile apps that enable anyone to stop Big Tech, mobile operators and even governments from using their mobile phones to track their location, communications, internet activity, financial transactions and more.

According to Volta Wireless Founder and CEO David Sinclair, this new set of mobile apps enables anyone to live life without worrying about Big Tech tracking their every move.

“For years Big Tech, mobile operators and governments have used our mobile phones to track our every move – monitoring our communications, internet searches, location and even our financial transactions and then selling that data to the highest bidder in what has become a multi-trillion-dollar industry to control and manipulate us. Finally, thanks to Volta Complete Privacy, we can break free from this constant tracking and control. Now anyone can use their mobile phone without getting used by Big Tech.”, Sinclair said.

Volta Complete Privacy includes:

  • Volta Private Mobile – Fast, Reliable, Secure, Unlimited talk, text and data in 200+ countries with no one tracking identity, location or communications.
  • Volta Private Number – A completely anonymous phone number to make and receive phone calls and messages without providing any personal information and without anyone being able to track communications.
  • Volta Private Messenger – Encrypted Voice Calls, Video Calls, Messaging and File Transfer with up to 50 people at the same time without worrying about unwanted listeners.
  • Volta Private Network VPN – Secure Browsing on up to 6 devices at the same time. Encrypts internet activity and hides IP addresses helping make sure no one can track online activity.
  • Volta Private Payments – Safe Mobile Payments to anyone, almost anywhere in the world with no fees and no one monitoring financial transactions.


New subscribers can sign up for Volta without providing any personal information – just an email address. They can even pay with crypto-currency.

For a limited time, Volta Complete Privacy starts from just $9.99 per month and includes unlimited international roaming for free. It can be used together with your current mobile provider or replace it.


To learn more about Volta Wireless, please visit

Volta Complete Privacy is available today at


About Volta Wireless

Founded in 2019, Volta Wireless has quickly become a leading developer of privacy software. Volta’s team of developers and volunteer beta testers in more than 80 countries have spent the past two years developing and testing Volta Complete Privacy. Volta Wireless strives to empower everyone to connect, communicate and live their life – free from tracking by Big Tech, mobile operators, government or anyone else.

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